Turn your brand into climate inspiration

There is more misinformation and greenwashing than ever before and as a result consumers are left confused and overwhelmed. Individuals turn to Ripplfect to find information and impactful actions they can trust. We partner with sustainable businesses and nonprofits with one thing in common - they are a part of the solution. Share your sustainable alternative, product, or service with our eco-conscious consumers as an action they can take on the platform.

Most (88%) of consumers want brands to empower them to live sustainably, but 44% feel brands make it harder

There are multiple ways for companies to get involved


Does your product or service have a positive environmental impact? If so, this is the easiest way to get involved! List your product or service on Ripplfect as an action and get discovered by eco-conscious consumers.


Want to reward our users for their impact and drive sales while doing it? Offer a discount that users can redeem using their impact points.


Host a challenge unique to your brand. Turn your sustainability goals into action-oriented challenges! Behind a challenge, is a climate-concerned citizen with a goal. Invite the Ripplfect community to join your brand toward collective impact.

How Sponsored Challenges Work

Challenges vary in length, and will engage your existing customers while growing a new audience. Like traditional marketing, they build awareness and loyalty for your brand that ultimately drive purchases. But challenges are unique in that they motivate your customers in an authentic way by inspiring them to take climate action– with your brand at the center.

Brands on Ripplfect connect with eco-conscious consumers like nowhere else. 

Brand Loyalty

You can be an interruptive ad for them on another platform, or their source of climate inspiration on Ripplfect. Build your brand through meaningful interactions as a leader toward sustainable change.

Targeted Approach

Consumers struggle to trust sustainability claims. Eco-conscious consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they see on Ripplfect versus other sites. Reduce costs by directly reaching the target audience of your product.

Hit your goals

Reach your sustainability goals with speed and impact by inviting the Ripplfect community to support your unwavering commitment to our planet through actions and challenges.

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