Ripplfect harnesses the collective power of people to tackle the climate crisis. With our mobile app, reduce your emissions through daily action, and amplify your impact through our tight knit community.

We take our role as an information provider seriously. In ensuring Ripplfect content is transparent, accurate and influencing the right action, we’ve developed an advisory board who helps review and vet all of our content. These experts are leaders and climate scientists who decide and prioritize content that matches our goal of reducing emissions by 2030. That said, we are humans, and can make mistakes. We welcome the community to keep us in check and also recommend high impact actions that might be missing from the platform.

Our Methodology

Aligning with the Drawdown Framework and CountUsIn Framework, Ripplfect provides actions that address one or both key components of climate action: 1) Reducing Sources of Emissions and 2) Protecting Vital Carbon Sinks. Ripplfect identifies and sources actions against the highest impact categories across mitigation and adaptation.To learn more about our content methodology and sourcing process, download our methodology document.

Meet the founders

We’re a small, passionate team headquartered in New York. We are dreamers who believe in the power of the people to defeat the greatest threat of our lifetime. We are hiking, surfing, skiing, biking enthusiasts. 

Oh - did we mention, we are run by two powerful, young women founders who are fully equipped to change the world for the better?

Sarah Ganzenmuller


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